• Insertion and insetting of leafleets (pruduct samples) into newspapers and magazines, catalogues and advertising fliers
  • Insetting of advertising samples to the products
  • Completing of advertising stands and goods in the stands
  • Completing of goods for commercional chains
  • Non-standard completing to the requirements of the costumers
  • Insertion of directions of use into the products
  • Covering of products according to the specification
  • Completing of small products
    Filling and completing of products into the delivered packings
  • Advertising goods for the completing
  • Manual completing of goods of every description
  • Display


  • Production and print of labels incl. of EAN bars
  • Covering of products with directions of use, advertising labels, information on the manufacturer (importers), expirations dates, addresses etc.
  • Label pasting over


  • Manual packing and sorting of goods to order according to requirements
  • Repacking of goods from damaged packings
  • Storage and fixation of goods
  • Packing into advertising standers
  • Realization of transport goods packing incl. Technical packing


  • Storages are ecquipped with racks
  • Complete insurance against all risks
  • Security with electronic sensors
  • Camera system
  • We sort the goods for the follow-up dispatch according to the dispatch regulations and requirements of courier service (PPL, DHL, DPD), Czech post office
  • It is only natural that we use Hyster handling technology for lorry unloading and loading and for handling with the goods in the storage. All standard rooms are heated, minimum temperature is 5 °C